The removal of a child from their home is always traumatic for the child as well as the whole family. We can help reduce that trauma by keeping a child in their own school if it is in Waterloo or Cedar Falls, and by helping maintain a normal routine as much as possible. If a child is not enrolled in a local school program, our own teacher, whose position is funded through AEA-7, will work with them.

Appointments for family therapy and contacts for local evaluations are possible when the child does not have to be housed outside the community. Family visits are encouraged and family members are made to feel welcome in their child’s temporary home. Information about the child’s family or the child is held in the strictest confidence by staff members.

Our staff attempts to give each child individual attention and approval. We attempt to convey to each child that they are a valued and worthwhile person, no matter what behaviors are displayed. We will provide support and counsel as well as a safe environment as long as there is a need for them to be here. Activities and recreation are planned by staff and residents.

We believe that our kids are important , unique, worthwhile, talented and special individuals.