The Black Hawk County Veteran Affairs Commission (herein after referred to as Commission) will provide funeral assistance to Veterans/Spouses and their legal and natural children under the age of 18 and/or in high school. To qualify for assistance, the Veteran must have had legal residency in Black Hawk County. In addition, a financial statement will be taken in regard to the Veteran’s assets as well as his immediate family, including his/her spouse and children to determine that they are indigent or otherwise lack sufficient funds to provide for a proper burial.
The Commission will not provide funeral assistance if the Veteran, family or representative has signed a contract with the funeral home prior to their interview and application with the Veteran Affairs Office for benefits.

Type of Assistance: Amount of Assistance*

The Black Hawk County Veteran Affairs Commission Burial Policy is designed to assist the Veteran/Spouse/ eligible dependent in payment of a burial. This policy does not negotiate or limit the final cost of the burial or amount of family contribution. The costs of the burial shall be negotiated between the Veteran/Veteran Representative and the Funeral Home.

Exceptions to Policy: When special and/or unusual circumstances occur, the Director/Designated representative shall have the authority to deviate from policy. Some examples may be, but are not limited too; transients, oversized caskets, organ donors, transportation etc.

Reaffirmation & Resolutions: Annually or when deemed necessary by the Commission, in communication with county funeral home directors, there will be a review of the Commission’s burial policy.

Signed to be effective June 13th, 2012.

Larry D. Walters, Chairperson

J. Mark Linda, Vice-Chairperson

David S. Grimm, Secretary

Angelyn M. Balk, Member

Sharina C. Sallis, Member