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CLICK here for Cedar Falls School District Bond Referendum Unofficial Results.

County Property Auction, October 14, 2014

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Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

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Washburn WATER System Refunds

Refunds are due to some owners of property using the Washburn Water System because (a) bond fee payments for those properties were assessed for a longer term than was required, or (b) the amortization schedule used for early payoffs was in error.

Click here to see the list of refunds due to owners whose water system bond fees were paid by MONTHLY PAYMENT.

Click here to see the list of refunds due to owners whose water system bond fees were paid by PAID OFF ahead oftime.

Washburn SEWER System Refunds

Refunds are due to some owners of property using the Washburn Sewer System who paid off the bond fees early in a lump sum payment.

Click here to see the list of refunds due for overpaid sewer system bond.

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If you are owed a refund, the county will attempt to reach you by mail.

For questions email the Black Hawk County Auditor at or call Susan Deaton in the Black Hawk County Auditor’s Office, 319-833-3002.


The current Courthouse was completed in 1964. Click here for a brief history of the Black Hawk County Courthouse.

Click here for a brief history of Black Hawk County.


The Black Hawk County Election Office is looking for people to work at the polls for the November 4, 2014 General Election.

Click here more information and an application.

Working at the polls is a challenging and rewarding experience.

Following are some testimonials from current Precinct Election Officials:

"We've been serving as PEO's since 2007. It is an experience that we enjoy because of the great people who we have the privilege to work with and the wonderful people who come to vote. We are so thankful to live in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area where the voters are informed, kind, and considerate. We feel honored to be able to serve in this capacity as PEO's to help the election process go smoothly and efficiently." - The Lovell's

"I serve as a precinct election official because it is an honor. American democracy is safeguarded by grassroots officials at polling stations across the country and I enjoy being a small part of that legacy. Plus, I like to make things run as smoothly as possible for all of the voters who come through our precinct. It's a joy to respectfully serve a diverse and passionate population." - Greg Holt

"Working as a Precinct Election Official has given me the opportunity to do something beneficial for my community and at the same time enjoyable. Meeting voters and working with other Precinct Election Officials can be a pleasurable experience." - David K.

"My name is Lynn Lovell, I am a rather new P.E.O., having served through a general election, a primary election and a school board election. In my many years of voting, I always noted the dedication of the election officials and thought someday I need to serve in appreciation for all those who served before me. I keep returning as a sense of duty for this wonderful freedom we enjoy."

"I became involved in working at the elections in 2006, I enjoy the time spent working with others in our precinct. The training that is provided before each election has given me the opportunity to get to know the people I work with on election day. It is a wonderful way to have a better understanding and appreciation of the voting process. Through this experience I am given the opportunity to meet people in the community who vote at the precinct in which I work. I enjoy welcoming neighbors and meeting others in the surrounding neighborhoods of our precinct. I really do look forward to each election. Please consider joining us as a precinct worker on election day. It is a great way to give back to your community in this worthwhile endeavor." - Pat Jackson